We thank our speaker
Hilary Nardone
Barclay Water Management

and sponsor

Leo DiFonzo
IRS Restoration

for their well received participation
at the June meeting.

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Upcoming HFMSNJ Events

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Thursday — Oct 21, 2021

Parallel Generators and Controls
Galloping Hill Catering

Speaker: Generac Industrial Power - Mike Hainzl
Sponsor: IRS Restoration - Leo DiFonzo and Pomarico Design Studios - Michael Pomarico

Thursday — Nov 18, 2021

Health Facilities Design Consulting
Galloping Hill Catering
A look at the 2022 FGI Guidelines soon to be published and NJ DCA Update
Speaker: Dave Uhaze
Sponsor: IRS Restoration - Leo DiFonzo and Follett Ice - Ed "The Ice Man"

Monthly Meetings will begin In Person at Galloping Hill Catering October 21st.

Founded in 1949, we are the professional organization of healthcare facility managers of New Jersey. The managers back then recognized the sharing of knowledge and experience would benefit each member and the institutions they served. When we were formed, we were known as the "Executive Hospital Engineers of New Jersey". The original members were predominately Executive Engineers from the boiler room, which is what they were called at that time. Later the American Hospital Association reached the same conclusion: There should be an AHA affiliated organization of professional members. ASHE (American Society of Healthcare Engineers) was born and HFMSNJ became one of the first local chapters.

Much has happened since our beginning. To better serve a large geographic area, the chapter split with a new chapter created to accommodate the members in southern New Jersey. One thing has not changed: our dedication to the continuing development of our members. The focus of our monthly meetings is education and the professional development of each member. Towards that end we conduct regular training seminars and host other events to improve our skills. We have expanded our membership to include licensed professionals and professional associates who provide engineering, architectural services and products to our institutions.

Our proud history includes several national past presidents of ASHE, and current leadership at all levels of the national organization.

Come join us at our next meeting. We guarantee you will learn something.


Trustees of the HFMSNJ

ASHE Platinum Award 2019

2019 Platinum Award

HFMSNJ members participating in a Habitat For Humanity project.

Thank you everyone who came out to volunteer with Frank Keller & Habitat for Humanity last weekend in Livingston. It was a wonderful time supporting such a worthwhile cause! We truly appreciate all our members, colleagues and friends who continue to donate their time and resources to the causes we care so deeply about!