HFMSNJ Shared Resources

This page is intended as an index of shared information among members. This information can be guidelines for procedures, forms, diagrams, pictures, or anything that conveys data for assisting healtcare facility managers in doing their jobs.

The categories for this data are listed below as a hyperlinked table of contents. Click on any category to jump directly to that section where you will find another list of hyperlinks pointing to the pieces of information described.

Members are encouraged to send in items they believe will be useful and of interest to other members.

Table of contents:

  1. Safety Management
  2. Security Management
  3. Life Safety Management
  4. Emergency Management
  5. Hazardous Materials & Waste Management
  6. Medical Equipment Management
  7. Utilities Management
  8. Statement of Conditions
  9. Training Photos
  10. Presentations
  11. Associations and Regulatory Agencies
  12. Continuing Education
  13. SSR Newsletters

Instructions for submitting NFPA 10 Public Comments for Fire Extinguisher Inspection Frequency

Boiler, Pressure Vessel and Refrigeration Regulations in NJ

Safety Management

Security Management

nothing available at this time for this topic

Life Safety Management

Emergency Management

nothing available at this time for this topic

Hazardous Materials & Waste Management

Medical Equipment Management

nothing available at this time for this topic

Utilities Management

Statement of Conditions

Training Photos

nothing available at this time for this topic


Unless otherwise noted, these are presentations made at monthly member meetings. They are listed in chronological order with the most recent first.

Associations and Regulatory Agencies

Continuing Education

SSR Compliance Newsletter

Links to the SSR Compliance Newsletters are listed below in reverse chronological order. All available newsletters are listed.