Fellow HFMSNJ Members,

In the spirit of Social Justice, we have been delivering brand new essential items such as coats, shirts, jeans, boots, socks, underwear, hoodies, etc. to trauma centers throughout the region. The link below is the overall type of response we are receiving. This letter is specifically from Saint Barnabas Health System in the Bronx. This a testament to the work we are doing to help our communities in need, which we are VERY proud of!

April 4, 2019

Dear Mr. Keller:

I want to thank you greatly on behalf of the SBH Health System and out grateful patients who have been helped by your generous philanthropy. As a trauma center, we service a high amount of trauma patients that often arrive in our Emergency Department with soiled and torn clothing and at discharge are in need of coats, pants, shirts and shoes.

Many of our patients are homeless with no family support and circumstances that require our assistance in providing clothing on discharge. Your donations have enabled us to assist patients in dire need of clothing. We recently ran out of winter coats during the coldest time of the year and when we reached out to you, you immediately sent coats, so that our patients could be discharged with a warm coat to wear in the elements. I would like to relay their heartfelt gratitude for those coats and clothing. As many of them are homeless or live in shelters this clothing means the world to them. Through your caring generosity it enables SBH to be socially supportive of the needy patients we serve. I cannot overstate the importance of your donations that help to maintain the personhood and dignity of the patients we serve. Again, thank you for your philanthropic donations of clothes on behalf of the SBH community and the grateful patients we serve.


Maureen Eisener
Vice President of Patient Experience
Saint Barnabas Health System, Bronx, NY

It appears that there is a need for this service in the trauma units of our hospitals. We would like to expand and continue serving our respective communities in such a manner. We are asking those of you with trauma units in your community to talk with them, or patient experience managers to see if there is a need and or interest in receiving an allocation. Please contact me with any questions or for any further info.


Frank Keller
Chairman, Social Justice Committee
Cell: 973-519-2159
Email: frank_keller@carpetetcetera.com